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AF-9500 Anchor Premium 5 stage Water filter with LCD display

  • $ 6999
  • Save $ 3000

The new Anchor 9500 series is an innovative counter top water filter with advanced electrical filter performance monitor.  This 5-Stage Water Filtration System is guaranteed to meet your filtration needs. All our products use filter media that is certified by the National Safety Foundation (NSF), providing you with the best possible quality. With Anchor water filters there are no more unpleasant odors and no chlorine taste, just clean refreshing water. Anchor water filters are also great for use in making coffee and tea, cubed ice and cooking.

Countertop Features:

  • LCD displays remaining capacity
  • Audible alarm for the end of filter life.
  • Battery operated, automatic power-off memorization

Removes / Reduces:

* Unpleasant odors
* Chlorine * Chloramine
* Lead        * Mercury
* Iron         * Hydrogen sulfide
* Also controls scale, bacteria and algae.

Stage 1 - filter removes heavy metal and control micro-organisms

Stage 2 - filter removes smaller floating solids and separates the layers to preserve their integrity

Stage 3 - filter removes chemicals such as chlorine and its odor and improves taste, high chemical absorption capacity 

Stage 4 – 10 Micron felt pad for fine sediment removal.
Stage 5 – Calcite which raises the water’s pH and lowers acidity. It also increases alkalinity, which many nutritionists recommend.

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